Saturday, March 21, 2009

Indoor Wildlife. to upright him?

Landscape also awaiting color.
Notice bare branches & wintery look of yard behind. When will spring arrive?????

YinYang out of the kiln, pure white, yet to have color applied.

A scouting party of 3 women from Childrens Hospital in Seattle came to view "Oceania" this week. They're looking for art for 3 new buildings. Maybe "Oceania" will find a home in one of them & intrigue young patients & their families?!!

Look closely to the right of the birdbath for Ms.
BunRabbit who is building a nest under the heather!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pottery from Acton St

I have recently been really interested in pod shapes with holes in them.

I have been using a spoon to burnish them.
I'm finally getting a sheen on them that I am happy with.
Thanks Jonathan for the pictures!

Another interactive idea: a landscape with unattached "pebbles". It also invites slipping thin things in between the verticals.

An interactive idea: clay tablets that can be slid in & out of a clay receptacle. It felt very soft while the clay was still wet like this.

Now it's fired & pure white (until I apply color).

It feels gritchy.....wish it felt smooth.

Feels satisfyingly archaic.

Last YinYang in wet clay view to rotate this one???

New View YinYang

Snow & Clay, Feb. 2009

YinYang piece.........still wet clay.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's March 7th, & snowed abit this a.m. in Bellingham, WA.
I am very ready for spring. The birds appear to be, too. Much yodelling, chasing, looking beautiful, checking out of nest boxes. Hellebores are unfurling outside my window....blossoms just opening. They're the first after the tiny crocuses & snowdrops.
Soon I'll post fotos of the new clay pieces I'm building, with August show at Allied Arts Gallery in mind. to Seattle to see the Jodhpur Miniatures exhibit at the Asian Art Museum.........
& to the Opera: Bluebeard's Castle!